We are fans, first and foremost. We strive to bring you this podcast with the utmost enthusiasm and passion. We are not professionals. We are not journalists. We are two friends with an undeniable love for retro video games and we strive to bring the same thing out of our listeners. We want to make this a show for the community, and one that embraces fans of all types. This show is not a show about us. We want you to love video games and discussing them with others.


Super Podcast Bros. is a bi-weekly gaming podcast hosted by Tim and Andy, with a focus on consoles and games from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Originally launched as The Tim and Andy Show in 2014, Super Podcast Bros. aims to engage the curiosities of hardcore retro enthusiasts while remaining accessible to younger generations and community newcomers. In short, this show is about video games and the people that love them.